Roosh24 Assyrian Team

Roosh brings you live-feeds from Assyrians on the ground in Iraq and around the world, real conversations, and one on one interviews with some of the most interesting names in Assyrian news and entertainment.

More about Roosh
– Roosh is a politically independent and international group of Assyrian activists that report via an effective use of media.
– Roosh believes in teamwork and respect as the way to unity.
– Roosh speaks out and lights up the current situation of our nation in homeland, such as attacks on civil society and other violations.
– Roosh aims to hold events in the beneficial of the Assyrian nation internationally.
– Roosh aims to improve the young talented Assyrians to establish a global independent Assyrian union.
– Roosh connects all Assyrians in the homeland and in the diaspora by sending live from important events and activities around the world.
Roosh is all you need to stay informed about the Assyrians in the world.